On a regular basis we, at Social Circle, provide our members with a number of free gym, dance and fitness classes and to add to our new fitness and well being activities and classes we now provide our members with a totally free yoga session (normally costing £15).

We have a yoga session on 28th March from 7:30pm at Abney Hall Park, Cheadle and all our lucky members are greeted by James our Social Circle host and the class is run by Kristina who is fully qualified and a professional yoga

In fact, Kristina will actually tailor this Yoga class specifically to you and your fitness levels, abilities. This form of yoga us known as Vinyasa and is both
relatively energetic and flowing, suitable for all fitness abilities and ages.

Vinyasa Yoga has been developed to counteract the physiological and physical problems which impact the lives of typical Westerners (back pain, sleep problems, tight hamstrings, stiff neck, overweight etc).

BioticFit is a cross-fitness training programme promoting the social and fun ways it is possible to get fitter and healthier. No class is ever the same either!

For more information or to book please see the link below: