Flecky Bennett’s Haunted Underground Experience


On 4th April at 6:45pm we are meeting in central Manchester for this interesting and informative spooky event.

Flecky Bennett’s Haunted Underground Experience is a unique combination of history, ghost walk & paranormal investigation all in one.
The first 45 minutes will explain the history of what is found deep below the streets of Manchester.

The second 45 minutes will explore the ghostly goings on and will allow the audience to take part in a paranormal investigation, incorporating four different experiments.

Many people are extremely interested in the paranormal and Flecky has created a performance which bridges the gap. Paranormal investigations can cost a fortune and often involve an overnight stay in cold, damp surroundings.

However, Flecky can offer you a bite size experience and open the audience’s eyes, hearts and minds to something quite unique.

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