Do you think you’re boring?

I know that sounds a bit harsh. But life can be pretty dull sometimes and it’s all too easy tomanchester social group ¬†fall into the trap of getting up in the morning, heading out to work and coming back home to, well, not much. We may get the odd text from our friends to remind is that we still exist but whatever happened to meeting people for a drink after work or getting involved in activities such as salsa or ten pin bowling. We do find ourselves having gotten into a routine sometimes and it’s even harder when all of our friends have suddenly found their soul mate and have no times for is any more.

So what do you do? You could go out on your own but that probably wouldn’t be much fun and you might get stared at (and not in a good way). Or you could go out with other people but dragging people off the street and into a bar is more than slightly creepy (and probably illegal). Well, fortunately you don’t have to stoop to such levels as we recognised the anti-social, text-fetish environment that we live in today and have made it our life’s work to facilitate ‘people meeting people’.

We have a Manchester social group full of fantastic, fun and friendly people who were in exactly the same boat but have now forged some wonderful friendships. So come on and join us in combatting the anti-social generation!