Change your life in a heartbeat!

manchester lifestyle groupChanging your life sounds quite dramatic so let me put it another why…how about improving your life, making it fun, social and exhilarating. That may sound like hyperbole but it really isn’t as what we offer at Social Circle has made hundreds of people aware of what they were missing. Yet not one of them are looking back.

We want to encourage you to say goodbye to your 9-5 and that’s the end of the day existence. There’s a whole lot of fun to be had and we aim to ensure that you’re making the most out of life.

Social Circle isn’t just about meeting up with new people over drinks (although we have plenty of opportunity to do just that). It’s also about getting involved in new activities or those you haven’t tried for some time such as salsa or ten pin bowling. In fact, we have something to do every day of the week so you can pick and choose your new pick of events and build your social calendar around your existing schedule.

Life may be largely about work and obligations but it also requires some fun to remind us why we do all of those things. But you will never find out unless you take the plunge So leave your reservations behind and you’ll soon find that each and every member you meet had the exact same ones to find that they never really mattered in the first place. And let’s face it, if you don’t at least try and meet some new Manchester friends now, you never will. So do what you have to do, come along and try a free event or simply go ahead and join us.