Adding a splash of gin to Manchester events

The technical explanation of gin is a spirit flavoured with juniper. However, don’t let that simplicity fool you. Among the best-loved and more complex drinks, with a timeline that covers hundreds of years, gin goes right back to the birth of distillation. It also makes for a great addition to Manchester events. In fact, come to think of it, it’s just the kind of event we’re offering in August. You’ll have to read until the end of this blog post to find out more 😉

So while only true lovers will find the history of gin even remotely interesting, the important thing to take into consideration is that it is very definitely a great choice for a social occasion. There’s nothing like a get together with like-minded gin enthusiasts (or people who just like the taste of alcohol) enjoying gin in all it’s various guises.

Picture this: It’s 1920’s New York and prohibition has taken over the city. But WAIT….! Whispers can be heard down a dark alley. Hiding inside a long closed building is a joint that only a select few know about. You hear a dark, husky voice from the shadows: “Can you tell me the password?”.

Social Circle is offering limited FREE places to a £15 valued Gin Tasting event hosted by Portobello Road Gin at The Pen and Pencil. You will be greeted with a complimentary glass upon arrival and various tasters and cocktails will be available on the night. So if you feel like adding something stronger to your Manchester events, this may just be the perfect occasion 🙂