The Big Fat Stupid Quiz Lass O’ Gowrie Manchester


On 4th July at 8:30pm we shall be participating in The Big Fat Stupid Quiz at The Lass O’Gowrie, 36 Charles St, The University of Manchester.

Big Fat
Big Fat Quizzes have been creating and hosting mind boggling quizzes since 1988.


Since then it has entertained and dumfounded old and young with a unique blend of silliness and substance.
In 1992 ‘The Big Fat Stupid Quiz’ was born, a quiz featuring elements of trivia and general knowledge, audio rounds, tasting rounds, artistic rounds (clay modelling etc), Picture rounds, Endurance rounds, in fact you name it and we’ve asked questions on it!

Depending on the venue, The Big Fat Stupid Quiz has given away thousands of pounds of prize money and some pretty amazing prizes too, on a weekly basis!

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