Sun, Sea, Sand and erm…Walking in Majorca

Majorca has no shortage of sandy beaches, blistering sun and buzzing nightlife. Holidays majorca group holidayin Majorca are almost always at the foreground of the British holidaymaker when it comes to deciding where to go next and with good reason. Not only is it down to the quick flight and virtual guarantee of sunshine but also because it offers something for everyone. You may find you bump into Brad and Angelina but on the other hand, it just may be your next door neighbour (you can’t have everything).

So if you want to enjoy those sandy coves, sweeping bays and tiny inlets, lapped by those turquoise waters, you know what to do.

Of course, this is essentially a Manchester walking holiday so we’ll also get to see some part of Majorca that the stereotypical (and less adventurous) holidaymaker may not get to see.

Included in this amazing package is accommodation, 3 meals a day, public transport and a professional mountain guide. However, as we expected, Social Circlers have been lapping this up and now there are just two places left. So don’t let the next person reading this beat you to the punch. Book your place on this stunning Manchester to Majorca group holiday now.