Stretch Those Legs

Social Circle enjoys its walking days because it knows that many of its members enjoy nothing more than a gentle stroll along some of the more scenic parts of North England  and occasionally, further. It si a great way to get to know some new Manchester friends as well as stretch those legs, get some exercise and forget about the stresses that sometimes come with the working week. Haslingden Green is part of the River Ogden valley, which is situated to the west side of Haslingden and in the North East of the West Pennine Moors.

Before the reservoirs were constructed in the 19th century, the Haslingden Grane settlement, with its population comprising 1,300 people, was the focus of whisky distilling industry not known for its legality. It is still possible to view the remains of some of the buildings. There has been a lot of quarrying and it continues to go on at Jamestone Quarry.

The valley is overlooked to the south by Musbury Heights and to the North by Oswaldtwistle. It is popular among walkers thanks to the stunning moorland scenery, through Fairy Glen especially. There are also amenities such as a cafe, located at Clough head, parking and an information centre.

So bring along your camera, your walking boots and your social spirit and enjoy what is bound to be a stunningly scenic and gentle walk. We have many walks on the calendar so if you can’t make this one, there will surely be something to suit.