Manchester social life or life on social media?

Social media has become all to prevalent in our daily lives. It seems to have changed the way we social-manchester-eventsview one another, to such an extent that the way we communicate to people online vs online has altered and has resulted in a complicated mesh of communication in all kinds of relationships. Human relationship have long been the subject of TV shows, films, poetry and self help books. This added dimension of social media has only served to complicate the matter further.

The amount of time we invest into the likes of Twitter and Facebook has soared and is even an activity we engage in whilst we are busy doing something else (including while with family and friends). It’s become a part of life that sometimes takes priority over more important areas of life.

Social media is hardly the epitome of deep communication. It’s fun and light-hearted and users don’t give away much of their emotional value. However, at the same time, these same people are placing less emphasis on real world relationships.

You also run the risk of offending that many more people as it seems so much easier to ignore somebody online leaving your friends wondering why you haven’t replied to their latest comment on your holiday snaps. This could then impact upon your real world relationship with that person.

The flip side of that is communicating too much online. It can be addictive, and even dangerous when you do it so often that you ignore those around you.

Sending the online version of yourself into the streets of the web because you don’t have anywhere to go or anyone to go out with is a dangerous situation as it can remain that way for many years. Loneliness exists in all of us sometimes but when it sinks to the level of social media obsession, it should really ring alarm bells. Sending a Tweet when at the lowest point may bring temporarily relief should somebody reply but it doesn’t really help to improve the situation.

Of course, just going out on a Friday night when you have nobody to go out with is not a solution, either. The only way to overcome this situation is to meet new people but how or where do you do that? Social Circle has a multitude of events each and event month that welcomes those who come along on their own. In fact, the vast majority of people who attend arrive on their own. So everybody is in the same boat and everybody makes an effort to get to know one another. We also have a host in hand to facilitate introductions, if needed. Try a free trial Manchester event or come along to our New Member’s Night (free for everyone) and you may just find that it is more engaging that spending the night on Facebook.

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