Science, Industry and the City of Manchester

The Museum of Science and Industry is for those who are curious and who Manchester friends MOSIwould like to expand their knowledge of Manchester as well as science and industry in general. So come and join some new Manchester friends in finding out some wonderful facts about this great city that was built on industry.

The museum is simply huge. You will probably be wondering why you never visited such a museum when you were at school. Unless, of course, you did actually visit this museum when you were at school.

You could spend an entire day here, no problem. There are so many different buildings and different floors that spending just a couple of hours will only give you a sample but then you can always visit again at a later date. We may get lost in the interactive games area which can be a lot of fun. There’s also the underground sewer part which sounds creepy but can be an interesting adventure.

MOSI is set in the heart of Castlefield and is absolutely a venue that everyone living in the city of Manchester should visit at some point. There is also a cafe that serves great snacks which will give us a break from the knowledge and excitement of the attractions. It is a great place to visit to meet some new like-minded people. Your new Manchester friends will also possess a curiosity for knowledge and there are bound to be a few stimulating conversations on the cards.  But don’t worry, we’ll still have time to be just plain silly when the moment calls for it 🙂