One Manchester Social Event Just For The Ladies – Burlesque and Chair Dancing

As our pole dancing calsses have becomes so popular, we have decided to add burlesque and chair dancing to our growing list of arsenal of events. You can build up your confidence whilst, at the same time, enjoying some great fun meeting some new people wishing to expand their social circle in Manchester.

Burlesque possesses all the sexiness of striptease but, of course, there is no nudity involved whatsoever. It’s all about sex appeal. Sexy and classy rather than sleazy.  And these classes are for beginners so there is no need to worry about being an expert on your first night.

Burlesque and chair dancing also has other benefits in that they can help top improve your posture as well as loosesn your lower back muscles. You’ll also learn how to walk in heels. Although there is a lot of rhythm involved, the steps are slow and simple as it is more about confidence than dancing. Your taught to embrace your femininity and be comfortable with who you are no matter what your shape and size.

Made famous by the likes of Dita VonTeese, more and more women around the world have being catching the burlesque bug and there’s no time to start like the present so why don’t you book your place now and take that step in beginning a new activity which will increase your confidence and have some great fun. Go on…shed your inhibitions and treat yourself.