Monsal Trail Bike Ride

On 11th August at 9am we are meeting at Tesco in Didsbury before we set off on the brilliant and Easy Monsal Trail Bike Ride.


Bike hire available at Bakewell (£14). If you have means to transport your bicycle to Bakewell feel free to bring it.

Details of the Monsal Trail bike ride are as follows:

The Monsal Trail tunnels offer one of the most spectacular leisure routes in Britain for cycling, walking and horse riding.

It is the first time the public have been able to go through the tunnels since the former Midland Railway Line closed in 2

Following work by the Peak District National Park Authority – using £2.25 million funding from the Department of Transport – the tunnels have been repaired, resurfaced and lit to form an extension to the existing Monsal Trail.

Interpretation explaining the former history of the route has also been installed.

Four of the longer tunnels are lit during daylight hours, dawn to dusk, to make them safe to use. They are operated by a light sensor, so in winter when the hours of daylight are less, the lights in the tunnels will switch off earlier in the day – around 4.30pm. bike 3

If you are using the trail in the afternoon you are advised to take a torch or have bike lights in case you get caught out. If the lights go off because of a power failure there is a two hour emergency back up in place.

Distance: 17 miles
Duration: 2-3 hrs
Difficulty: Leisure/Easy  (relatively flat throughout)
Meeting: 9am Tesco Didsbury car park (car share)
Driving time: 45 min
bike 4
Monsal Trail is a former railway trackbed now used for cycling, horse riding and walking. We will start at Bakewell (Peak District) and cycle the scenic
8.5 mile route passing through Headstone Viaduct, including three tunnels, reaching Blackwell Mill and then head back to Bakewell.

Late lunch will be at a relaxed casual French bistro in Bakewell and if time allows we’ll make a quick stop at Monsal Head to enjoy the view before heading back to Manchester.

Code of conduct

The Monsal Trail has quickly become one of the most popular off-road routes in the Peak District attracting a wide range of visitors and users.

To ensure the Trail remains enjoyable for everyone please respect other users by following the code of conduct below:

  •     Keep to the left
  •     Respect other users of the trail
  •     “Take only pictures, leave only footprints”
  •     Don’t climb on railings
  •     Use public transport  to get here if you can
  •     Wear appropriate clothing
  •     Enjoy the trail!

bike 5
Also see specific advice for walkers, cyclists and horse riders It is illegal for motor vehicles and motorcycles to use the route

Bike hire available at Bakewell (£14). If you have means to transport your bicycle to Bakewell feel free to bring it.

Kit list: waterproof jacket and drinking water

To book now for the Easy Monsal Trail Bike Ride simply click here:–Bike-Ride