Macclesfield Forest and Shuttlingsloe Walk


On 23rd June we are meeting in Didsbury at 9.30am to embark on the Macclesfield Forest and Shuttlingsloe Walk which is a 7 mile walk.
The full walk is from Macclesfield Forest to Shuttlingsloe  and is 7 miles.

At this time of year, the part of Cheshire we will be walking through should be at its best.  We will walk a large circle taking in the forest itself, Wildboarclough and optionally Shuttlingsloe Hill.

This is a fairly easy walk with one exception – Shuttlingsloe at the end is a bit of a challenge.  However, there is an optional route around for those who don’t feel up to it on the day and we’d rather you came along and enjoyed yourself and took the easy option rather than thinking it’ll be too hard and missing out altogether.
We will take our time and enjoy the landscape.

Afterwards we’ll get a roast dinner in a pub, but you may want to bring a snack along.  You should certainly bring a drink.

– If it rains and you’re wearing jeans, you’ll be cold and uncomfortable and won’t get any sympathy!

– You are strongly advised to wear walking boots with a good grip and ankle support.  A slip or twist could spoil the day for the whole group.

– A plastic bag and a change of shoes would be considerate for the journey home if you’re car sharing.

Kit list: hat, gloves, warm clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, walking trousers walking boots as may be slippy tea flask.

Regular walking can…

fill you with energy and confidence
help you beat stress
make your heart fitter and strengthen your bones
help you keep your weight down

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