Indulege Yourself In Champagne and Chocolate

After the enormous success of our wine nights, we thought we’d step things up wth Social Circle and Didsbury’s very own Champagne Tasting and Chocolate evening.

A great night for the fairer sex with both champagne and chocolate on the table. And men secretly love chocolate too, don’t they?

So let’s celebrate a great social occasion in style; with a range of glorious Champagne!

Compare and contrast some of the top names in Champagne. You’ll taste a range of different Champagnes, learn all about the Champagne region and production methods, and you’ll even get some handy hints on how to distinguish brands and match Champagne with different dishes. With your new found knowledge you will be able to host any event in style.

For those of you who want an event with a bit of sparkle, we offer specialised tastings of Champagne and/or Sparkling wines. Not only will you get to taste fantastic wines, you’ll also learn

  • how to taste Champagne
  • what to look for when evaluating a Champagne
  • about the differences in wine making
  • about the different mixes of grape varieties

Here’s a testimonial from one of the many who’ve enjoyed one of our celebrated Wine Tasting events:

“Well I have to be honest and say that I knew absolutely nothing about wine when I came to this even and found it far more fascinating than i assumed it would be. It was taught with an emphasis on fun and that made it far more interesting for me. I always made sme fantastic new friends. All in all, a great night!”