If you’ve no plans this weekend…

manchester social groupIf you haven’t anything in your social calendar this weekend, it may be time to take stock of life and ask yourself if you’re really making the most of it.

If you take a look at our exciting line-up of events, you will see no end of activities, whether social, walking, or something a little bit different. So why would you waste your weekend in front of the box when you could be meeting some fantastic new people at your favourite bar or restaurant or on activities such as a walk or salsa class.

You are not making a lifelong obligation, you are just trying us out and it is up to us to prove to you that you have made the right decision. We know it may not be easy for you  to come along to your first event as nerves can kick in but those very same nerves may just be keeping you at home at the weekend so it truly is time to take the plunge. All of our hosts are experienced in helping you settle in and every one of our members has been in exactly the same boat as you at one point in time. But because they took that first step of coming along and trying us out, many friendships have been formed in the process. So if you feel you need to take baby steps, that’s fine…just try our the no.1 Manchester social group and we will be gentle with you. We promise! 🙂