How Would You Like To Host An Event?

We’ve had 7 great events hosts over the last 12 months and we honestly don’t know where we would have been without them. So firstly a big thanks to Nicola, Justin, Rebecca, Sarah, PJ, Stephen, and Jo for the great support they have provided this year.

However, although 5 of those hosts have done a full year for us, we need more to match our extensive events calendar.

This year, we have introduced holidays abroad to our array of events and these holidays also need hosted so that could mean YOU!

Every event needs hosting and all that we ask is that you commit to a minimum of hosting 2 events a month.

Hosting is pretty simple, and mainly includes welcoming your fellow guests as they arrive, putting new members at ease, coordinating the group if necessary and answering any general questions about the site and service.

A host will receive the Benefits:

  • Any events that you host will be at a discounted price or free of charge.
  • A membership package is under development and will include a combination of free and discounted prices for events and a Social Circle City Card that will enable you to receive discount at various venues around Manchester (bars, restaurants etc).
  • Hosts will be entitled to FREE membership, but prior to the launch of this package, you will, as a host, be entitled to come to any events under £10 for free.
  • You’ll also be invited on our hosts’ nights out, once a quarter, where you’ll have the chance to get to know one another and have a social night just for you guys, courtesy of Social Circle!

For full details and to apply, please visit the Host page on our Website.