Easy Dane River Walk



Join us on 15th September for this relaxing and enjoyable picturesque walk.


A gorgeous walk in the wooded valleys of the Dane River, through pastures and farmland and yes, a couple of hills too – but nothing extreme.
We’ll walk about 8 miles in no big hurry, so plenty of time to chat and enjoy the fresh air, and then we’ll get lunch in the fabulous Ship Inn at Wincle.


There’s even a brewery in Wincle and sometimes they offer tastings if their shop is open… (no guarantees though).

Boots rather than trainers, but bring something like that for the ride back if you’re car sharing.
If it rains and you’re wearing jeans, you’ll only find out the hard way why cotton trousers are not great for walking in these parts.

Kit list: hat, gloves, warm clothes, waterproof jacket and trousers, walking trousers walking boots as may be slippy tea flask.

Regular walking can…

fill you with energy and confidence
help you beat stress
make your heart fitter and strengthen your bones
help you keep your weight down

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