Christmas Party Do’s & Don’ts.

It is the time of year where the invites roll in - but do you know your Christmas Party etiquette?
It is the time of year where the invites roll in – but do you know your Christmas Party etiquette?

Social Circle attended our annual Christmas Ball this weekend.  Typically, there were a number of companies and groups in the same place. It served as a rather eye-opening reminder of the etiquette of Christmas socialising.  We have put together some Christmas Party Do’s & Don’ts so you can truly relax and have a great time without f**king up your career or relationships.

DO: Wear something that makes you feel gorgeous and comfortable.

The ladies in attendance at the Ball looked stunning in their various plunge line jump suits and high heels but it was not long before the discomfort started showing.  Constantly pulling at your top or staggering on your heels is a sure sign that you are not 100% confident and comfortable which will impact on your memories of the event.   There are beautiful clothes for every size and occasion.You can be both elegant and comfortable, so choose wisely and let your confidence shine.

DON’T: Make a tit of yourself in respect of the dress code.

It goes without saying that you should observe the dress code for any event.  Yes, you may be a person who gives zero f**ks and maybe you are known for being a bit quirky.  However, if you are at an event with your colleagues and others in your industry then a failure to follow the rules could cast doubt over your professionalism and affect promotional prospects.  Even socially, putting two fingers up to social norms or failing to observe attention to detail can cause difficulties when socialising and alter people’s perception of you.

Wearing a coloured suit and paisley shirt when everyone is in black tie has all eyes on you for the wrong reason. Likewise, not checking the fit of your dress before you go bouncing around on the dance floor did lead to one woman repeatedly exposing her boobs to everyone in the room. All credit to her, she didn’t let the wardrobe malfunction phase her but it could have been avoided by a little attention to detail (i.e tit tape and tighter straps).  

Maybe this sounds a bit judgemental – but if you genuinely did not care you wouldn’t be reading this blog.

DO: Pace yourself.

When the prosecco is on free flow and numerous rounds are on the boss, knocking back the drinks becomes a little too easy.  However, know your limits. You don’t have to drink alcohol, and if you do make sure you drink slowly and have plenty of soft drinks too.  Pacing yourself will mean that you recover quickly the next day, and have some great memories.

DON’T. Drink to oblivion.

Alcohol impairs your judgement. The temptation to tell your boss what you think of her or make a move on your office crush may suddenly seem like the best idea you have ever had.  (spoiler – it’s not) Drinking to the extent you black out or throw up is not only a social faux-pas, especially with colleagues, but could compromise your safety. If you do find you hit your limits, call it a night and get a cab home.

Looks like fun, but will they regret it in the morning?
Looks like fun, but will they regret it in the morning?

DO:  Take the opportunity to chat to new people.

Even if you are at friends or a work function, the fact that so many people are in the same room is a really good opportunity to meet new people. Maybe you have never met  or they are only the voice at the end of a phone. Go over and say hello. We found asking people to take photos was a good icebreaker, as was finding a mutual favourite tune on the dance floor.  Avoid talk about work, politics or religion and try to find thing you have in common.

DON’T:  Be the Christmas Creep.

Alcohol, everyone looking their best, and the prospect of another single-mas seems to bring out the desperate and downright creepy in some people.  Flirty eye contact, if reciprocated, can be fun. Full on death stares are just scary. By all means dance closer to your intended and try and strike up conversation. But gyrating behind your intended or the constant slut drops on that good looking colleague just strikes everyone as a bit needy and is a source of unwanted gossip.  The worst case scenario is that you could lose your job for getting a bit touchy-feely with the gorgeous Nicole because you did not take no for an answer.

DO:  Relax and Have a great time.

Christmas is a great time to relax with friends and colleagues and share a sense of achievement at another year of success. Have fun, enjoy the surroundings and laugh and dance to your heart’s content.

DON’T: Prioritise social media

Yes – parties are challenging for those who prefer online to face to face contact.  However, it is time to physically tear yourself away from your phone. You don’t have to check in online, constantly take pouty selfies or ignore your friends and colleagues in preference to social media. Of course, take photos and get silly in the photo booths. But you cannot build great memories if you are glued to your phone and not in the room.

So have fun at your Christmas Party, and have a very merry Christmas from all at Social Circle.

Social Circle at the Ball. As captured by a very nice but tipsy bystander.
Social Circle at the Ball. As captured by a very nice but tipsy bystander.

By Stephen Sutherland

Social Circle is a group of individuals who develop friendships and share good times. We drink together, walk together, we go on holidays together. In addition to the free cinema nights, restaurant visits and nights out, you will meet many like minded people, share great new experiences, and make memories that will last a lifetime.