Canoeing and Camping in Anglesey with an optional 30ft abseil in the dark!

If you fancy something very different to the norm and you enjoy living on the wild side of life but never seem to get the opportunity and not sure what to do to get your adventure kicks. Then you should join us at Social Circle for our annual canoeing adventure!!

This year on the 29th June for 2 days we will be canoeing on the Menai Straits in stunning Anglesey, North Wales
Our adventure by canoe takes us through some of North Wales’ most breathtaking scenery and beautiful marine environments.

Our journey will begin on the Menai Strait near Menai Bridge on Anglesey, where we will practise the skills needed to paddle our canoes efficiently over the next 2 days.

Together we will will enjoy the journey down under historic bridges built by famous engineers, through fast moving tidal waters past places of historic interest surrounded by a variety of marine life, so keep your eyes peeled you dont want to miss anything!   canoe2

From time to time we will land on shore to explore and investigate our history and ease our curiosity.

We have plenty of time to meander out way down the Strait with the ebb tide helping us all the way. In true canoe style there is a pub by the side of the river where we will be having dinner.

As the sun sets we will sit around the fire under the stars telling stories of the fish that got away and listening to natures sun set sounds. FOR THE MORE ADVENTUROUS THERE IS AN OPTIONAL 30FT ABSEIL IN THE DARK!!!

The Menai Strait divides Anglesey from the mainland. The strait provides the feel of river canoeing but with guaranteed water flow. White water is found during the middle hours of both ebb and flood tides at Menai Bridge and at the Swellies
(a group of small islands and rocks between the Menai Bridge and the Britannia Bridge). Conditions vary, but expect the equivalent of grade II river conditions during spring tides, when the speed of the tide reaches 7-8 knots.

At the Swellies, slack water occurs approximately one and a half hours before high and low water (two hours before Liverpool).

Slack water at the Swellies lasts for a short time only. The remainder of the Menai Strait provides excellent touring water, but be prepared for fast tidal streams and large waves particularly in the exposed areas towards Caernarfon.

The classic swellies wave is alas no more, kelp or perhaps sea monsters have reduced it to a glorified ripple.

However there a number of treats tucked away throughout the straits for the eager playboater, cuising tourer or soulful squirt boaters; large whirlpools, stable mystery spots and jagged cartwheely holes have all been reported in these fickle waters.

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