Brexit on Ice- So What Now, Manchester Friends?

Well, it’s been quite a week, Manchester friends. Britain headed for the exit door with a 51.9% Leave vote. And manchester friends british flagEngland were knocked out cold by a team called Iceland (personally, I don’t think they would have even stood a chance against Kwik Save with that performance).

But what about us up here in Manchester?

Well, right now we’re living in the aftermath of two very different but very national events. One we’re used to (at least this time we didn’t have to sit through yet another penalty shoot-out). But the other is more of an unknown quantity. And it is likely to be years before we are really able to assess the full impact of Brexit.

How about instead of all-out panic by those who were hoping for a different outcome, or “I told you so’s” but those who got their wish, we stand together in the face of it all.

The solution to any kind of despair is almost always looking to the support of the person next to you. Those who we know have a powerful influence on how we think and feel and it is important that we have the right people in our lives: those who know us well and are compatible with our tastes and personalities.

When we are limited to spending time with a dwindling social circle, opportunities to enjoy life begin to close and we suddenly being to act and sound like someone we never really wanted to be.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn

At Social Circle, we make it our business to introduce our members to like-minded people: those with whom they can enjoy life, share experiences, and create some wonderful memories.

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