Beautiful views on the Taxal Edge Walk


On 30th June we will be going on the Taxal Edge walk; this is a lovely walk with a breathtaking view and is FREE to our members.

The length of walk is between 8 and 10 miles (this is depending on how we feel on the day).
Taxal Edge walk
This walk crosses Taxal Moor and Edge and explores the lovely English countryside west of Goyt Forest, a patchwork of brooks, valleys, farmsteads and hills, before returning over the tops and heading back north along the River Goyt.

There are some steep fields to walk up, but we can take our time and pause for breath to admire the scenery.

Afterwards we’ll get a roast dinner in a pub, but you may want to bring a snack along.  You should certainly bring a drink.

– If it rains and you’re wearing jeans, you’ll be cold and uncomfortable and understand why the general advice is not to!

– You are strongly advised to wear walking boots with a good grip and ankle support.  A slip or twist could spoil the day for the whole group.

– A plastic bag and a change of shoes would be considerate for the journey home if you’re car sharing.

Length of walk: between 8 and 10 miles depending on how we feel on the day.

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