Armageddon Fitness Class


Our Armageddon Fitness class is FREE to ALL our members and is a regular weekly fitness class provided for you via Social Circle.

ARMAGEDDONThis class takes place within dance studio above Parrswood High School in Didsbury. The class is hosted by Becky who is a full trained professional.

Armageddon is an intense, fast paced fitness class but lends itself well to people of all fitness levels, normally a fitness class will cost £5.

This exercise is based around a circuit framework which has been carefully designed in order to encourage a gradual development in your fitness levels aiding both in fast fat loss and muscular improvement.

A mixture of group fitness levels this innovative station has been solely designed to cater to all body weight providing a unique blend of fitness / intensity levels
which really do provide super fast results and a continuous progression.  This is not bootcamp, merely a circuit training class with results which are based upon
variable intensity training suitable to everyone.

Armageddon Fitness Class is held once a week, for more information and to book, please see the below links which are listed
against the March 2013 class dates:

11th March 2013, 7.45pm-8.30pm

18th March 2013, 7.45pm-8.30p
25th March 2013, 7.45pm-8.30pm