Add some Manchester style to your life

manchester social group
It’s quite easy to get stuck in the same old routine. You get up, go to work, and come home to a menu of a meal for one and a feast of your favourite soaps. It becomes your lifestyle. But how about adding some colour to your life so it’s more social, more fun, and more active?

There’s so much more to life than what most of us see and we need a kick up the you-know-what to really start living life. The fact is that life is about meeting like-minded people, making the most of where you live, and enjoying new activities.

If your ideal of a fun lifestyle, is going out at the weekends, whether enjoying Manchester’s fine bar and restaurants on a Friday and Saturday night, or going away for the weekend at one of the nearby getaways such as the Lakes or the Peak District, you can achieve that at Social Circle. Or maybe, a positive lifestyle for you is getting involved in fitness activities, such as salsa and zumba. Guess what? We have those too.

What we strive for is giving you the choice; the choice to design your own lifestyle around our ready-made monthly calendar. Each month, we offer a number of regular events which you have told us time and again that you enjoy. We also add in some of what is going on in Manchester that month. So, you see, there is no excuse not to give your lifestyle a makeover with the no.1 Manchester social group.